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Council and housing association homes

 Flats in Ardwick

Ardwick: Grove Village

Ardwick Grove Village is just a mile south of the city centre. It lies on Stockport Road, a major route from the city centre to south Manchester. Ardwick is close to the universities and hospitals, and not far from facilities around the City of Manchester stadium and Eastlands. See rehousing area map pdf.

Living in Ardwick: Grove Village

Ardwick homes are close to the large Asda Supermarket and other shops at Longsight district centre. Longsight market (open four days a week) is close by too - it's a busy traditional market with a wide range of quality products.

There are frequent buses along Stockport Road into the heart of Manchester, and out to Stockport and Cheshire. The vibrant city centre, with its employment, leisure and entertainment facilities is just a few minutes away. The nearby universities and hospitals are major employers.

Homes to rent in Ardwick: Grove Village

There are around 610 homes rented out by not-for-profit landlords like housing associations and housing trusts. See homes here: street-by-street map.

Facilities in Ardwick Grove Village

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Neighbouring areas

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The graph shows the average availability of homes here. The higher the availability, the better your chances. But it depends on your rehousing priority too.

availability graph

graph key: blue boxSingles/Couples 16 to 40
Availability: below average

graph key:orange boxSingles/Couples 40 to 60
Availability: below average

graph key:green boxSingles/Couples over 60
Availability: below average

graph key:pink boxFamily/adult groups 2 beds
Availability: low

graph key:navy boxFamily/adult groups 3 beds
Availability: extremely low

graph key:red box Family/adult groups 4+ beds
Availability: extremely low

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