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Council and housing association homes

Your chance of a home

The Manchester Move group of 19 not-for-profit landlords includes Manchester City Council, local housing associations, housing trusts, and management organisations.

Most landlords use the rehousing rules of Manchester City Council to decide who gets the homes they advertise on Manchester Move. But a few use their own rules.

Your chance of getting a home depends on:

• Your rehousing priority. This depends on your circumstances in your current home. The more urgently you need to move, the higher your priority. The highest priority in the Manchester City Council rules is Band 1. The lowest is Band 6b.
• How long you have had that rehousing priority, called your 'award date'. The earlier this date, the better your chances.
• The type and size of home you are eligible for. Some types and sizes are more readily-available than others.
• In flats, the age of the youngest person who is moving. Some blocks are reserved for people over a certain age. If you are over that age you should find something more quickly.
• The area you want. In some areas, homes come up frequently. In others there’s nothing available for a long time.
• How many other people bid for a home. The fewer bidders, the better your chances.

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