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Council and housing association homes

Council or housing association: Is it a good choice?

You may be looking specifically for a council or housing association home. Before you fill in a registration form, or if you’ve been trying to get one for a long time, consider whether that’s really your best option. Your chance of a home depends on your rehousing priority, where you look, and your age . . .

1. Your rehousing priority

Council and housing association landlords use rehousing rules to decide who gets homes. Rules differ from landlord to landlord; but generally you get the highest priority for things like having a severe medical condition, or if you are in serious danger.

You’ll get a lower priority in slightly less serious situations – if your home is overcrowded for instance.

If you don’t have a serious reason to move, your chance of a home could be very limited.

2. Where you look

There's more demand for homes in some areas than others. And some property types become available more regularly than others.

Your chances increase if you apply for more areas and consider more property types – especially in areas where homes come up more often. Our area guides show you the availability of homes in each area.

3. Your age

Unless you have children, your chance of a home can be seriously affected by how old you are. Many homes are restricted to people of a certain age.

Generally you have a poorer chance if you’re under 40, and a much better chance if you’re over 60.

Your chance

Your chance of a home depends on a combination of these factors. If you are registered for rehousing, find out more about your chances of getting a home. If you are not registered, get more advice about your own chances by contacting one of the landlords in the Manchester housing register.

If your chances are not so great, you can still look for a council or housing association home if you want; but you may be much better going for other housing options.

Other housing options
Look for a council or housing association home