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Council and housing association homes

Your housing options

It’s a good idea to be flexible and consider all your housing options, even if you think they might not be for you.

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1. Council and housing association homes

There's a big demand for this type of housing in many areas - so it may not be the right option for everyone. Council housing and housing association: is it a good choice?

The council, and all other not-for-profit landlords, have rehousing rules to decide who gets homes. Generally, the more urgent your need-to-move, the higher your priority; and the better your chance of a home. You can get an increased priority if you are a working household, or make a contribution to the community.

Some housing is reserved for people over a certain age. You can often get a home quickly if you are an older person, but may have to wait longer if you are young - especially if you don't have a high rehousing priority.

If you are registered for rehousing you can can check your likely chances of getting a home.

Many people think this sort of housing is their only choice, and accept that they may have to wait a long time. But there are more housing options available now. Find out more to help you make the right move . . .

2. Rent from a private landlord

Look for a privately-rented home, and you could find just what you want – and quick! Look at these great advantages:
Homes available now across Manchester, with no waiting lists and no red tape! Move in quickly with no fuss.
A choice of size and types: from one-bed studios to houses big enough for the largest families. Say goodbye to overcrowding!
Help to pay the rent: if you’re on a low income you could get Housing Benefit to cover some or all of your rent.
Plenty of choice if you’re setting up home from scratch: many homes are already kitted out with furniture and fittings. Or choose a part-furnished, or unfurnished home to suit you best.

Look for a home with a private landlord

3. Swap your home

Do you rent your home from a council, a housing association or other not-for-profit landlord? Would you leave that home empty if you move out?

You could find somewhere quickly by exchanging your home with another tenant using Homeswapper. Search online for tenants who are looking for a place like yours.

Go to: Homeswapper

4. Take a low-cost step to home ownership

Mortgages can be hard to come by, making a new home seem out of reach. But there’s lots of help to get you into low-cost home-owning – including ‘try before you buy’ renting!

See Low-cost home ownership

5. Look in more areas

Use the Pinpoint service to look for more homes in the city, and in the rest of Greater Manchester. It includes homes to rent from local councils, housing associations and private landlords. So there’s lots of choice in lots of areas.

Go to:

You can also access housing inside and outside of Manchester by visiting the Homefinder UK website. Homefinder UK allows you to bid for homes and access potential mutual exchanges anywhere in the UK.

Go to:

6. Get help to stay where you are

This might seem odd advice to a home-seeker. But you could get expert help to tackle a problem that has prompted you to look for a move.

See Stay where you are