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Council and housing association homes

Privacy and cookies

The Manchester Move website is operated by Manchester City Council and Northwards Housing in partnership with other not for profit landlords with homes in the city.

We respect and protect the privacy of anyone who visits the website.

The website organiser is:
Manchester City Council, PO Box 531, Manchester, M60 2JX

If you fill in an online form, or bid for a home online, the information you give will be recorded, held, organised and used as part of the rehousing process by the relevant landlord.

The online rehousing registration form is used to: start your rehousing registration; assess the type of property you would be suitable for; help decide your level of rehousing priority.

The information will go to the relevant landlord. The landlord will use it as an application to register you for rehousing. The information sent online will be converted to 'case papers' by the particular landlord that handles your application.

The information will be held securely and treated confidentially. You have the legal right to see your rehousing application file. Contact the relevant landlord for information about how to do this.

Manchester Move landlords may use data from the website to help build statistical information about rehousing needs and demands - this statistical information will not describe individual cases, or list individual applicants.

The landlords will only disclose the information you give to certain relevant people or organisations as part of the rehousing process – such as other Manchester Move landlords; health authorities; the probation service; MPs; and other housing authorities including elected members and board members.

If we need to talk to other people or organisations about the information, we will get your permission first. You can give or deny this permission in the relevant part of the form.


Like most websites we use 'cookies' to collect anonymous statistics about how people use the site, and to help us keep it relevant for the user. Cookies 'remember' bits of information from your visit to the site.

A cookie is a simple text file that's stored on your computer or mobile device by a website's server. Only that server can retrieve or read the contents of that cookie. Each cookie is unique to your web browser. So if we put a cookie on your computer, it can't be read by any other website.

There are two types of cookie:
session cookies last as long as your current visit to the site - or for up to a limited amount of time if you keep the site open without using it. They mean you don't have to keep re-submitting information as you move through the site or carry out transactions.
persistent cookies remember information from previous visits - for example names and details for online forms. They are used to collect anonymous statistics about how many people use the site.

Cookies make the interaction between you and the website faster and easier. Without cookies the website thinks you are a new visitor every time you move to a new page.

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How we use cookies to collect statistics

To improve our service we collect anonymous web statistics using a program called Google Analytics. They store several cookies on users' computers or mobiles devices to tell us how many people have visited each web page, how they got there, and where they navigated to from there. The data collected is completely anonymous and does not store any personal details.

You have the opportunity to set your computer to accept all cookies, to notify you when a cookie is issued, or not to receive cookies at any time. The way in which you do this depends upon the web browser which you use. Find out more here.